Alex Reuneker

List of John Benjamins publications for which Alex Reuneker plays a role.


Reuneker, Alex 2022 Addition, restriction, iteration: Focus particles in Dutch conditionalsLinguistics in the Netherlands 2022, Vogels, Jorrig and Sterre Leufkens (eds.), pp. 158–173 | Article
Conditional clauses in Dutch can be accompanied by focus particles, as in zelfs als ‘even if’ and alleen als ‘only if’. The literature focuses on these additive and restrictive particles, because they may influence the truth-conditional meaning of the sentence, which is uncommon for particles.… read more
Reuneker, Alex 2020 Clause order and syntactic integration patterns in Dutch conditionalsLinguistics in the Netherlands 2020, Tribushinina, Elena and Mark Dingemanse (eds.), pp. 119–134 | Article
Conditional clauses in Dutch can occur in sentence-initial and sentence-final position. For sentence-initial conditionals, a number of syntactic integration patterns are available. This corpus study investigates to what extent clause order and syntactic integration are associated with text mode… read more
Reuneker, Alex 2016 Conditional use of prepositional phrases in Dutch: The case of zonder (‘without’)Linguistics in the Netherlands 2016, Audring, Jenny and Sander Lestrade (eds.), pp. 121–134 | Article
Conditionality can be expressed using a variety of grammatical constructions, ranging from the prototypical lexical marker if to other grammatical patterns. This corpus study investigates the expression of conditionality using prepositional phrases introduced by Dutch zonder (‘without’) compared… read more