Laura Vilkaitė

List of John Benjamins publications for which Laura Vilkaitė plays a role.


The vocabulary size estimates suggested for native speakers used to vary considerably. More recently, researchers using Yes/No tests reported numbers that are much closer together. This article seeks to answer the question of whether we can give an estimate of an adult native speaker’s… read more
Vilkaitė, Laura and Kathy Conklin 2021 Word order effect in collocation processingThe Mental Lexicon 16:2/3, pp. 362–396 | Article
Collocations are words associated because of their frequent co-occurrence, which makes them predictable and leads to facilitated processing. While there have been suggestions that collocations are stored as unanalysed chunks, other researchers disagree. One of the arguments against holistic… read more
As collocations are very numerous, at least a part of them has to be learned incidentally when acquiring a second language. There is now an increasing body of evidence showing that incidental learning of collocations seems to be possible. The present study sets out to investigate whether… read more
In most tests of vocabulary size, knowledge is assessed through multiple-choice formats. Despite advantages such as ease of scoring, multiple-choice tests (MCT) are accompanied with problems. One of the more central issues has to do with guessing and the presence of other construct-irrelevant… read more