Claudia Pons-Moll

List of John Benjamins publications for which Claudia Pons-Moll plays a role.


Pons-Moll, Claudia and Francesc Torres-Tamarit 2021 Chapter 11. Catalan nativization patterns in the light of weighted scalar constraintsRomance Languages and Linguistic Theory 2018: Selected papers from 'Going Romance' 32, Utrecht, Baauw, Sergio, Frank Drijkoningen and Luisa Meroni (eds.), pp. 205–224 | Chapter
In this paper we analyze, from an experimental and formal perspective, the interaction and the implicational relationships between vowel reduction and word-final nasal deletion in Catalan loanwords. We present the results of both a production and a perception test carried out with 31 young… read more
This paper has three goals. First, it aims to illustrate how the problems derived from access to intricate diachronic empirical data can sometimes be informed by a careful look at interdialectal microvariation, in that this linguistic microvariation can sometimes help to explain why a phonological… read more
Torres-Tamarit, Francesc and Claudia Pons-Moll 2012 Serial prosodification and voiced stop geminates in CatalanRomance Languages and Linguistic Theory 2010: Selected papers from 'Going Romance' Leiden 2010, Franco, Irene, Sara Lusini and Andrés Saab (eds.), pp. 115–134 | Article
In Majorcan Catalan, the process of vowel reduction of the mid front vowels to schwa in unstressed position underapplies under certain circumstances: (a) in productive derived forms with an unstressed vowel located in the initial syllable of the stem which alternates with a stressed mid front vowel… read more