Michela Baldo

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Translation and LGBT+/queer activism

Edited by Michela Baldo, Jonathan Evans and Ting Guo

Special issue of Translation and Interpreting Studies 16:2 (2021) v, 140 pp.
Subjects Interpreting | Translation Studies


This contribution analyses the role played by translation in the emergence of the Italian transfeminist collective Onna Pas. The collective was born in 2019 after a series of workshops centred on the reading and translation of Wittig’s and Zeig’s work (1975). This contribution examines the… read more
Baldo, Michela, Jonathan Evans and Ting Guo 2021 Introduction: Translation and LGBT+/queer activismTranslation and LGBT+/queer activism, Baldo, Michela, Jonathan Evans and Ting Guo (eds.), pp. 185–195 | Introduction