Beatriz Fernández

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Microparameters in the Grammar of Basque

Edited by Beatriz Fernández and Jon Ortiz de Urbina

[Language Faculty and Beyond, 13] 2016. vi, 302 pp.
Subjects Basque linguistics | Generative linguistics | Syntax | Theoretical linguistics


Zúñiga, Fernando and Beatriz Fernández 2021 Chapter 19. Antipassivization in Basque revisitedAntipassive: Typology, diachrony, and related constructions, Janic, Katarzyna and Alena Witzlack-Makarevich (eds.), pp. 621–640 | Chapter
In this paper, we explore three phenomena that have been considered to be antipassives in Basque linguistics. First, we briefly review “ergative displacement” (Laka 1988), related to antipassives as mentioned by Heath (1976). This is not a bona fide instance of the antipassive, since the ergative… read more
Zúñiga, Fernando and Beatriz Fernández 2019 Grammatical relations in BasqueArgument Selectors: A new perspective on grammatical relations, Witzlack-Makarevich, Alena and Balthasar Bickel (eds.), pp. 185–211 | Chapter
This article presents the grammatical relations (GRs) of Standard Basque (isolate, Spain and France) as explored in terms of argument selection as instantiated by different constructions (i.e., the coding and behavioral properties usually discussed in the literature on alignment). The language… read more
Fernández, Beatriz and Jon Ortiz de Urbina 2016 Microparameters in the Grammar of Basque: Looking back and moving forwardMicroparameters in the Grammar of Basque, Fernández, Beatriz and Jon Ortiz de Urbina (eds.), pp. 3–14 | Article
Fernández, Beatriz and Milan Rezac 2016 Differential object marking in Basque varietiesMicroparameters in the Grammar of Basque, Fernández, Beatriz and Jon Ortiz de Urbina (eds.), pp. 93–138 | Article
This chapter studies Differential Object Marking (DOM) in nonstandard varieties of Basque. DOM in Basque overtly resembles a common DOM pattern of coding direct as indirect objects in both case and agreement, that is absolutives as datives, according to their animacy and specificity, as in Spanish… read more
Urbina, Jon Ortiz de and Beatriz Fernández 2016 Datives in Basque bivalent unergativesMicroparameters in the Grammar of Basque, Fernández, Beatriz and Jon Ortiz de Urbina (eds.), pp. 67–92 | Article
Bivalent predicates which mark their sole object dative rather than absolutive/accusative are unexpected under the assumption that dative is associated with a ‘second complement’. Apparently first complements of morphologically transitive verbs are also found in Basque, in the main semantic classes… read more