Ng Bee Chin

List of John Benjamins publications for which Ng Bee Chin plays a role.


Cavallaro, Francesco, Yan Kang Tan, Wenhan Xie and Ng Bee Chin 2024 Language practices and policies of Singaporean-Japanese families in SingaporePragmatics 34:1, pp. 55–80 | Article
The few studies on Family Language Policy in Singapore (FLP) have generally focused on FLP in local and immigrant Chinese families. This article explores language policies that seem to undergird Singaporean-Japanese families’ language practices. In-depth interviews and observations with five such… read more
Cavallaro, Francesco, Mark Fifer Seilhamer, Ho Yen Yee and Ng Bee Chin 2018 Attitudes to Mandarin Chinese varieties in SingaporeJournal of Asian Pacific Communication 28:2, pp. 195–225 | Article
This study aims to shed light on the attitudes of Chinese Singaporeans and Chinese nationals residing in Singapore to varieties of Mandarin Chinese. 64 Singaporean Chinese and Chinese national participants took matched and verbal-guise tests, evaluating recorded speakers of two varieties of… read more
Bee Chin, Ng and Kate Burridge 1993 The female radical: Portrayal of women in the Chinese scriptLanguage and Gender in the Australian Context, Winter, Joanne and Gillian Wigglesworth (eds.), pp. 54–85 | Article
The paper discusses the sexist portrayal of women in Mandarin Chinese. It begins with a study of asymmetries in the lexicon; e.g. naming conventions, address terms, abuse terms, etc. which exemplify the marginalisation of Chinese women. The focus of the paper is on the stereotyped depiction of… read more