Patrizia Giuliano

List of John Benjamins publications for which Patrizia Giuliano plays a role.


Giuliano, Patrizia 2012 Contrasted and maintained information in a narrative task: Analysis of texts in English and Italian as L1s and L2sEUROSLA Yearbook: Volume 12 (2012), Roberts, Leah, Christina Lindqvist, Camilla Bardel and Niclas Abrahamsson (eds.), pp. 30–62 | Article
This paper proposes an analysis of 100 narrative texts concerned with English and Italian as L1s and L2s. We will compare the way both native speakers and learners build textual cohesion when faced with a narrative task involving several referential restrictions: contrasts of entity and polarity,… read more
Giuliano, Patrizia 2003 Negation and relational predicates in French and English as second languagesInformation Structure and the Dynamics of Language Acquisition, Dimroth, Christine and Marianne Starren (eds.), pp. 119–157 | Article