Béatrice Godart-Wendling

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In the 1970s, when linguists began to inventory the various forms of presupposition in natural languages, they classified them under the heading of implicitness. With this classification, linguists carried out a profound shift in the analysis of presupposition that began with Frege in 1892. We… read more
In the early 1930s, the Polish philosopher and logician Kazimierz Ajdukiewicz (1890–1963) proposed a new formal approach to natural language which, unlike Chomsky’s, was based on a joint calculus of the grammaticality and meaning of sentences. This methodological choice, which resulted from… read more
Godart-Wendling, Béatrice 2014 L’hypothèse de Firth: Wittgenstein, héritier de Malinowski?Historiographia Linguistica 41:1, pp. 79–108 | Article
Le but de cet article est d’évaluer l’hypothèse de John Rupert Firth (1890–1960) énonçant que l’article de l’anthropologue Bronislaw Malinowski (1884–1942), “The Problem of Meaning in Primitive Languages” (1923), constituerait une des sources d’inspiration ayant conduit Ludwig Wittgenstein… read more
Godart-Wendling, Béatrice 2014 Emotions: Various “language-games” which open the door 
to grammar*Linguistic Approaches to Emotions in Context, Baider, Fabienne H. and Georgeta Cislaru (eds.), pp. 21–38 | Article
The aim of this paper is to point out that the semantic analysis of the language of emotions contributed from the thirties onwards to the emergence of analytic philosophy. Based on Wittgenstein’ s thought that fuelled this return to the observation of ordinary language, this study shows that the… read more
Faced with the complexity of natural languages, contemporary categorial grammars have significantly increased the number of their basic categories. With such a theoretical choice, the notion of category becomes a black box which no longer clarifies the dependent relationships linking the different… read more
In 1959, Gaifman proved that category grammars were the equivalents of phrasal grammars, so much so that they could never have the expressive power for representing the complexity of natural languages. As a consequence, no new category model was proposed for more than thirty years. Nevertheless, we… read more
Godart-Wendling, Béatrice 1999 Mais que fait Bar-Hillel quand "le soleil siffle"?History of Linguistics 1996: Volume 2: From Classical to Contemporary Linguistics, Cram, David, Andrew R. Linn and Elke Nowak (eds.), pp. 321 ff. | Chapter
Parmi les différences qui opposent les deux grands courants de grammaires formelles du XXe siècle, celles qui concernent le traitement de l’ordre des mots sont restées jusqu’à aujourd’hui peu traitées. Pourtant, les premières grammaires catégorielles (de 1935 à 1959) présentent une conception de… read more
Godart-Wendling, Béatrice 1990 Review of Jayez (1988): L’inférence en langue naturelleLingvisticæ Investigationes 14:1, pp. 196–206 | Review