Ives Goddard

List of John Benjamins publications for which Ives Goddard plays a role.


Summary Word-initial high short vowels have two apparently unconditioned reflexes in Fox. Pre-Fox *o- (< Proto-Algonquian *we-) and *i- (< Proto-Algonquian *e-) are continued as o- and i- in some cases, but more frequently both become a-. Words that retained the high-vowel quality of o- and i-… read more
Goddard, Ives 1997 Pidgin DelawareContact Languages: A wider perspective, Thomason, Sarah G. (ed.), pp. 43–98 | Article
Bloomfield’s Algonquian studies comprise a large body of descriptive and comparative work on Fox, Cree, Menominee, and Ojibwa. The materials he used were derived from his own fieldwork, for the most part, and especially in the case of Fox from the published work of others. His major achievement… read more
Goddard, Ives 1987 Leonard Bloomfield's Descriptive and Comparative Studies of AlgonquianLeonard Bloomfield: Essays on his life & work, Hall, Jr., Robert A. (ed.), pp. 179 ff. | Article
Goddard, Ives 1986 Sapir's Comparative MethodNew Perspectives in Language, Culture, and Personality: Proceedings of the Edward Sapir Centenary Conference (Ottawa, 1–3 October 1984), Cowan, William, Michael Foster and E.F.K. Koerner † (eds.), pp. 191 ff. | Article