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Existential Constructions across Languages: Forms, meanings and functions

Edited by Laure Sarda and Ludovica Lena

[Human Cognitive Processing, 76] 2023. x, 352 pp.
Subjects Cognition and language | Semantics | Syntax | Theoretical linguistics
Subjects Cognition and language | Cognitive linguistics | Semantics | Syntax | Theoretical linguistics


This paper addresses the relationships between the existential reading of sentences with an indefinite subject and the presence of a spatial anchoring constituent. We investigated a corpus of French sentences with indefinite subjects in preverbal position and their translation into Hungarian. While… read more
Sarda, Laure and Ludovica Lena 2023 Chapter 1. Existential constructions: In search of a definitionExistential Constructions across Languages: Forms, meanings and functions, Sarda, Laure and Ludovica Lena (eds.), pp. 1–32 | Chapter
This chapter deals with the syntactic status of locative constituents combining with motion verbs in French. It aims at answering the following questions: are locative PPs arguments or adjuncts? To which extent does the semantic structure of motion verbs determine the obligatory or optional… read more
Aurnague, Michel, Maud Champagne-Lavau, Laure Vieu, Andrée Borillo, Philippe Muller, Jean-Luc Nespoulous and Laure Sarda 2007 Categorizing spatial entities with frontal orientation: The role of function, motion and saliency in the processing of the French Internal Localization Nouns avant/devantThe Categorization of Spatial Entities in Language and Cognition, Aurnague, Michel, Maya Hickmann † and Laure Vieu (eds.), pp. 153–175 | Article
This chapter presents the results froma pointing task that examined French adult’s processing of Internal Localization Nouns (ILNs), with particular attention to avant (‘front’) and devant (‘front surface’). Performance in this task shows that the parameters governing the frontal orientation(s)… read more
In this chapter, we describe six orientation motion verbs in French and Korean, which express a deictic motion and/ or frontal or vertical orientation. This comparative study strengthens the view that the nature of entities such as “location” and “object” plays an important role in object selection… read more