Jessi Elana Aaron

List of John Benjamins publications for which Jessi Elana Aaron plays a role.


Usage-based models of language have proposed a dynamic, organized system based on analogy, or the recognition of similarity. The potential role of analogy between similar forms or constructions, however, is not often discussed. If we aim to illustrate grammaticalization and other diachronic… read more
Aaron, Jessi Elana and José Esteban Hernández 2007 18. Quantitative evidence for contact-induced accommodation: Shifts in /s/ reduction patterns in Salvadoran Spanish in HoustonSpanish in Contact: Policy, Social and Linguistic Inquiries, Potowski, Kim and Richard Cameron (eds.), pp. 327–341 | Article
Studies on dialect accommodation, focusing on the acquisition of new features, have found age of arrival to be a significant factor in acquisition patterns (e.g. Chambers 1992). Regarding /s/ reduction among Salvadorans in Houston, quantitative analysis shows that accommodation may also involve the… read more
This paper examines the use of two discourse markers, English-origin so and Spanish-origin entonces, in New Mexican bilingual speech. Both forms appear in the mixed speech and in the otherwise monolingual English and monolingual Spanish of bilingual speakers in New Mexico. Through a quantitative… read more