Susan M. Burt

List of John Benjamins publications for which Susan M. Burt plays a role.


This chapter discusses reference nominals – closely related to address nominals – within a single-genre written corpus. It traces how the choice of reference nominals changed over five decades in the mid-20th century. Specifically, the chapter shows how the secretaries of a neighborhood social club… read more
One way that communities with status or power hierarchy can mark hierarchical relationships is by means of address. Community members may differ in attitude towards the hierarchy and prefer address reflecting imagined or preferred social distance, or social meanings other than the classic… read more
The pragmatics of minority languages are vulnerable to change early in language shift, and should therefore be included in language documentation. To research language shift and pragmatic change, 30 speakers of Hmong were interviewed in Wisconsin, using an oral Discourse Completion Task. Responses… read more