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Syntactic Variation and Change

Edited by David Håkansson, Ida Larsson and Erik Magnusson Petzell

Special issue of Linguistic Variation 17:1 (2017) iii, 148 pp.
Subjects Generative linguistics | Typology


Larsson, Ida 2021 Chapter 12. On the emergence of auxiliary selection in GermanicThe Perfect Volume: Papers on the perfect, Eide, Kristin Melum and Marc Fryd (eds.), pp. 291–318
This paper is concerned with the development of auxiliary selection in Germanic, i.e. the alternation between have and be in perfects depending on the type of lexical verb. It is argued that all of the Germanic languages first develop a perfect of the modern English type, with have as the only… read more | Chapter
Håkansson, David, Ida Larsson and Erik Magnusson Petzell 2017 Introducing syntactic variation and changeSyntactic Variation and Change, Håkansson, David, Ida Larsson and Erik Magnusson Petzell (eds.), pp. 1–7
Larsson, Ida, Sofia Tingsell and Maia Andréasson 2015 Variation and Change in American SwedishGermanic Heritage Languages in North America: Acquisition, attrition and change, Johannessen, Janne Bondi † and Joseph C. Salmons (eds.), pp. 359–388
This chapter surveys variation and change in Swedish spoken in America. We compare data from a corpus of American Swedish collected in Minnesota 2011 with material collected in the 1960s. Linguistic change in American Swedish can partly be accounted for in terms of koinéization. Marked dialect… read more | Article
This paper argues that the perfect tense has developed from a resultant state construction (in the sense of Kratzer 2000) that expresses bounded or resultative aspect. The development involves changes in the structure and meaning of the participle. Perfect participles and resultant state… read more | Article