A. Beyza Ateş-Şen

List of John Benjamins publications for which A. Beyza Ateş-Şen plays a role.


Ateş-Şen, A. Beyza, Özlem Ece Demir and Aylin C. Küntay 2016 Children’s referential choices in Turkish: Experimentally elicited and conversationally occasioned determinantsThe Acquisition of Turkish in Childhood, Haznedar, Belma and F. Nihan Ketrez (eds.), pp. 153–175 | Article
We present research on the emergence and development of verbal and non-verbal referential skills of Turkish L1 learners. Turkish has interesting distinctive features compared to other frequently studied languages. The first section presents an overview of research about typically developing L1… read more
Ateş-Şen, A. Beyza and Aylin C. Küntay 2015 Children’s sensitivity to caregiver cues and the role of adult feedback in the developmentof referential communicationThe Acquisition of Reference, Serratrice, Ludovica and Shanley E.M. Allen (eds.), pp. 241–262 | Article
Many studies have examined when children are (in)competent in making appropriate referential choices based on their listeners’ requirements. Traditionally, child-level social-cognitive abilities have been invoked in explaining the increasing sophistication of referential skills with age. However,… read more
Küntay, Aylin C., Keiko Nakamura and A. Beyza Ateş-Şen 2014 Crosslinguistic and crosscultural approaches to pragmatic developmentPragmatic Development in First Language Acquisition, Matthews, Danielle (ed.), pp. 317–342 | Article
Pragmatic development involves learning to use linguistic code and non-linguistic action in a well-integrated way in relation to an ongoing interaction. Given how different languages encode meaning distinctions differently and how different cultures might organize social interactions differently,… read more