Sudha Arunachalam

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Semantics in Language Acquisition

Edited by Kristen Syrett and Sudha Arunachalam

[Trends in Language Acquisition Research, 24] 2018. vi, 391 pp.
Subjects Language acquisition | Semantics | Theoretical linguistics


Horvath, Sabrina, Leslie Rescorla and Sudha Arunachalam 2018 Chapter 4. Semantic features of early verb vocabulariesSemantics in Language Acquisition, Syrett, Kristen and Sudha Arunachalam (eds.), pp. 68–92 | Chapter
Much research has asked why verbs are difficult to acquire, and how toddlers nevertheless acquire them. Still, we know little about what kinds of verb meanings are easy or difficult to acquire. We revisit Rescorla and colleagues’ data on vocabulary knowledge in toddlers acquiring English, Italian,… read more