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What Influences Influence? How the Communicative Situation Influences Persuasion

Edited by Kerstin Fischer and Jaap Ham

Special issue of Interaction Studies 22:3 (2021) v, 225 pp.
Subjects Artificial Intelligence | Cognition and language | Evolution of language | Interaction Studies


Fischer, Kerstin and Jaap Ham 2021 What influences influence? How the communicative situation influences persuasionWhat Influences Influence? How the Communicative Situation Influences Persuasion, Fischer, Kerstin and Jaap Ham (eds.), pp. 291–302 | Introduction
This special issue addresses how aspects of the communicative situation influence how influential persuasive utterances (or other strategies of influence) are in their contexts of use. Specifically, we study the effects of interactional, speaker-, addressee- and channel-related factors and of… read more
In the near future, robots will function in social roles and attempt to influence the user’s behavior and / or thinking. The current contribution analyses how to influence robot influence: Persuasive robots can be personalized to make them more effective. We present an overview of (1) the user… read more
Persuasive social robots can influence human behavior through giving advice. The current study investigates whether references to prior discourse and signals of empathy make an advice-giving robot an even more effective persuader and whether participants follow the robot’s advice and drink even… read more