Gabriel González Núñez

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Subjects Language policy | Translation Studies


This study will consider translation as a tool to transfer ideas from Latin America to North America (and the rest of the English-speaking world). It will do so by exploring some of the paratextual strategies that have been employed in transmitting the ideas of Latin American philosophers to the… read more
Meylaerts, Reine and Gabriel González Núñez 2018 No language policy without translation policy: A comparison of Flanders and WalesLanguage Problems and Language Planning 42:2, pp. 196–219 | Article
A major challenge for authorities in the modern world is the linguistic integration of minorities. In this context, language policies play a key role as authorities are increasingly faced with the challenge of adjusting their language policies in order to secure the linguistic rights and thus… read more
González Núñez, Gabriel 2016 On translation policyTarget 28:1, pp. 87–109 | Article
The term translation policy has become problematic for the field of Translation Studies because it has meant so many things to so many authors that it threatens to lose some of its efficacy (see Meylaerts 2011a, 163–166). In light of this, the concept of translation policy should be developed so… read more
González Núñez, Gabriel 2015 De Jongh, Elena M. 2012. From the Classroom to the Courtroom: A Guide to Interpreting in the U.S. Justice SystemVoice in Retranslation, Alvstad, Cecilia and Alexandra Assis Rosa (eds.), pp. 104–107 | Review