Julie Barbour

List of John Benjamins publications for which Julie Barbour plays a role.


Rangelov, Tihomir, Mary Walworth and Julie Barbour 2023 A multifaceted approach to understanding unexpected sound change: The bilabial trills of Vanuatu’s Malekula IslandDiachronica 40:3, pp. 384–432 | Article
This paper demonstrates that unexpected sound changes are best explained by an approach that accounts for different motivations: phonetic, structural and social. Here, we focus on a multifaceted investigation of the cross-linguistically uncommon bilabial trills to show the complex interaction… read more
Barbour, Julie 2015 Small stories and associated identities in NeververNarrative and Identity Construction in the Pacific Islands, Gounder, Farzana (ed.), pp. 81–100 | Article
For the Neverver-speaking people of Malekula Island in Vanuatu, name avoidance is a central part of everyday life. Name avoidance permeates all types of discourse, including nimitl (traditional legends) and nossorian lele (little stories) that arise in more and less formal contexts. I examine name… read more