Fida Bizri

List of John Benjamins publications for which Fida Bizri plays a role.


A close-up on the linguistic interactive scene between Arab employers and Asian migrants communicating today in Asian Migrant Pidgin Arabic shows that migrant talk and native Arabs’ foreigner talk are different but interdependent. Here, it appears that the interactants are constantly navigating… read more
Bizri, Fida 2014 Unity and diversity across Asian migrant Arabic pidgins in the Middle EastArabic-based Pidgins and Creoles, Manfredi, Stefano and Mauro Tosco (eds.), pp. 385–409 | Article
Several pidginized varieties of Arabic developed in the Middle East during the last 40 years between native Arabic-speaking employers and Asian migrants, who are mainly from the Indian subcontinent. This paper postulates the presence of a meta-category called Asian Migrant Arabic Pidgins (AMAP)… read more