Luciana Storto

List of John Benjamins publications for which Luciana Storto plays a role.


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Storto, Luciana 2020 Count and mass nouns in DâwA typology of the mass/count distinction in Brazil and its relevance for mass/count theories, Lima, Suzi and Susan Rothstein (eds.), pp. 219–229 | Article
The goals of this paper are to describe the grammatical properties of nouns and number in Dâw (Naduhup family, Northwestern Amazonia, Brazil) using Lima & Rothstein’s questionnaire (this volume) on mass versus count nouns and to contribute to the typological and semantic literature on nouns and… read more
Storto, Luciana 2014 Constituent order and information structure in KaritianaInformation Structure and Reference Tracking in Complex Sentences, Gijn, Rik van, Jeremy Hammond, Dejan Matić, Saskia van Putten and Ana Vilacy Galucio (eds.), pp. 163–192 | Article
This paper discusses the relationship between constituent order and information structure in main and subordinate clauses in Karitiana, based on data taken from dialogues and a narrative. We show that head-internal relative clauses display an obligatory movement of the head (pivot) to the left edge… read more