Stephanie Durrleman

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Autism, Language, Communication and Cognition

Edited by Stephanie Durrleman

Special issue of Evolutionary Linguistic Theory 4:1 (2022) v, 151 pp.
Subjects Cognition and language | Evolution of language | Historical linguistics | Language acquisition | Neurolinguistics | Psycholinguistics
Subjects Creole studies | Generative linguistics | Syntax | Theoretical linguistics

Structure and Variation in Language Contact

Edited by Ana Deumert and Stephanie Durrleman

[Creole Language Library, 29] 2006. viii, 376 pp.
Subjects Contact Linguistics | Creole studies | Historical linguistics


Peristeri, Eleni, Eleni Baldimtsi, Ianthi Maria Tsimpli and Stephanie Durrleman 2024 Chapter 8. Bilingualism matters: A study of children with autism spectrum disorder and developmental language disorderMultifaceted Multilingualism, Grohmann, Kleanthes K. (ed.), pp. 204–231 | Chapter
This study investigated bilingualism effects on language, executive functions and Theory of Mind (ToM) in children with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD), and with Developmental Language Disorder (DLD). The performance of these clinical groups was compared to that of children with typical… read more
Durrleman, Stephanie 2022 The relevance of Autism for Evolutionary Linguistic TheoryAutism, Language, Communication and Cognition, Durrleman, Stephanie (ed.), pp. 1–4 | Review article
Durrleman, Stephanie, Eleni Peristeri and Ianthi Maria Tsimpli 2022 The language-communication divide: Evidence from bilingual children with atypical developmentAutism, Language, Communication and Cognition, Durrleman, Stephanie (ed.), pp. 5–51 | Article
Has language developed to serve as a system of communication or one of thought? While language is clearly an excellent tool for communication, the possible contribution of higher order cognitive processes other than language to communication may provide insights on how we think about language… read more
Guasti, Maria Teresa, Elena Pagliarini and Stephanie Durrleman 2021 Chapter 12. The acquisition of disjunction under negation and recursive ni in FrenchL1 Acquisition and L2 Learning: The view from Romance, Avram, Larisa, Anca Sevcenco and Veronica Tomescu (eds.), pp. 315–330 | Chapter
Pagliarini, Crain, & Guasti (2018) showed that children acquiring Italian start to attribute a “neither” interpretation to negative disjunctive sentences, but converge to the adult “at least one” interpretation earlier than children acquiring Japanese or Mandarin. This earlier convergence is… read more
Narrative comprehension is a complex process that requires the ability to integrate language information from the speech signal with visual and contextual knowledge, while drawing also from social cognition and executive functions. Although many studies have examined narrative comprehension in… read more
The performance of 122 children on syntactic awareness of clitics and articles in French was examined. Three clinical groups (21 children with ASD, 22 children with SLI, 23 children with DD) and a group of 56 younger children with TD were studied. On the article task, children with ASD obtained… read more
Silleresi, Silvia, Laurie Tuller, Hélène Delage, Stephanie Durrleman, Frédérique Bonnet-Brilhault, Joëlle Malvy and Philippe Prévost 2018 Sentence repetition and language impairment in French-speaking children with ASDOn the Acquisition of the Syntax of Romance, Gavarró, Anna (ed.), pp. 235–258 | Chapter
This study investigates formal language abilities in French-speaking children with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD). We report on the usefulness of the LITMUS-Sentence-Repetition-French task in distinguishing children with impaired language (ASD-LI) from children with normal language (ASD-LN). We… read more
Durrleman, Stephanie 2015 Nominal architecture in Jamaican CreoleJournal of Pidgin and Creole Languages 30:2, pp. 265–306 | Article
Our study shows that the extended projection of nominals in Jamaican Creole (JC) is composed of a rich array of hierarchically organized functional projections, in line with cartographic research (Cinque 2002, Rizzi 2004, Belletti 2004). The functional material identified strikes parallelisms with… read more
Bentea, Anamaria and Stephanie Durrleman 2013 A’-dependencies in French: A study in L1 acquisitionRomance Languages and Linguistic Theory 2011: Selected papers from 'Going Romance' Utrecht 2011, Baauw, Sergio, Frank Drijkoningen, Luisa Meroni and Manuela Pinto (eds.), pp. 1–16 | Article
French has several optional strategies for the formation of wh-interrogatives, whereas relative clauses (RCs) do not display this optionality. In a comprehension study with French-speaking children aged 5 to 8, we show that two factors interact in the processing of object A’-dependencies in child… read more
Deumert, Ana and Stephanie Durrleman 2006 IntroductionStructure and Variation in Language Contact, Deumert, Ana and Stephanie Durrleman (eds.), pp. 1–6 | Chapter