Karen A. Roesch

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Subjects Anthropological Linguistics | English linguistics | Germanic linguistics | Language policy | Sociolinguistics and Dialectology


Pierce, Marc, Hans C. Boas and Karen A. Roesch 2015 The History of Front Rounded Vowels in New Braunfels GermanGermanic Heritage Languages in North America: Acquisition, attrition and change, Johannessen, Janne Bondi † and Joseph C. Salmons (eds.), pp. 117–132 | Article
While earlier studies of New Braunfels German (NBG), a dialect of Texas German (TxG), e.g., Eikel (1954, 1966b) and Gilbert (1972), report the existence of front rounded vowels to various degrees, they are almost completely absent from present-day NBG (Boas 2009). This paper describes the history… read more