Marius Zemp

List of John Benjamins publications for which Marius Zemp plays a role.


Zemp, Marius 2020 Evidentials and their pivot in Tibetic and neighboring Himalayan languagesNotes from the field on perspective-indexing constructions: Irregular shifts and perspective persistence, Spronck, Stef, An Van linden, Caroline Gentens and María Sol Sansiñena (eds.), pp. 29–54 | Article
This paper focuses on a specific type of perspective-indexing constructions in Tibetic and neighboring languages, namely a type of verbal marker that is consistently construed from the perspective of the speaker in statements, the addressee in questions, and the source (= the original/reported… read more
Widmer, Manuel and Marius Zemp 2017 The epistemization of person markers in reported speechStudies in Language 41:1, pp. 33–75 | Article
Egophoricity is a cross-linguistically rare grammatical phenomenon. While numerous descriptive studies have substantially improved our synchronic understanding of the category in recent years, we are still largely ignorant of the diachronic origins of egophoricity systems. In this article, we… read more