Isabelle Delaere

List of John Benjamins publications for which Isabelle Delaere plays a role.


The present study addresses a topic on the crossroads between contrastive linguistics and translation studies as we seek to investigate how the English verbal gerund is used in translated and non-translated English, as well as how it is translated into German and Dutch. Instead of merely… read more
In this paper we investigate the differences in risk-averse behavior in translated versus non-translated texts by comparing lexical normalization in various registers of translated and non-translated Dutch. We want to verify: (i) to what extent normalization is register dependent; (ii) whether… read more
With this article, we seek to support the law of growing standardization by showing that texts translated into Belgian Dutch make more use of standard language than non-translated Belgian Dutch texts. Additionally, we want to examine whether the use of standard vs. non-standard language can be… read more
The present study addresses the long-standing issue in corpus-based translation studies that translated texts differ from non-translated texts in the same language, irrespective of text type or source language. We investigate whether this claim is empirically verifiable for a variety of lexical… read more
Hoste, Véronique, Klaar Vanopstal, Els Lefever and Isabelle Delaere 2010 Classification-based scientific term detection in patient informationTerminology 16:1, pp. 1–29 | Article
Although intended for the “average layman”, both in terms of readability and contents, the current patient information still contains many scientific terms. Different studies have concluded that the use of scientific terminology is one of the factors, which greatly influences the readability of… read more