Helena Halmari

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Persuasion Across Genres: A linguistic approach

Edited by Helena Halmari and Tuija Virtanen

[Pragmatics & Beyond New Series, 130] 2005. viii, 257 pp.
Subjects Discourse studies | Pragmatics
Subjects Generative linguistics | Multilingualism | Syntax


Halmari, Helena 2024 Chapter 6. Apology as hypocrisy: Examples from Bill Clinton and Donald TrumpThe Pragmatics of Hypocrisy, Sorlin, Sandrine and Tuija Virtanen (eds.), pp. 124–160 | Chapter
Apologies have been a rewarding target for research in the pragmatics tradition; however, few studies connect apologies to hypocrisy. This chapter is an attempt to do so. I approach the pragmalinguistic aspects of hypocrisy by examining two notorious apologies: Clinton’s 1998 apology for his… read more
This article investigates the rhetorical strategies deployed by President Clinton and Senator Dole during the 1996 presidential debates. Clinton resorted to implicit persuasion and audience-oriented rhetorical strategies, while Doles persuasion was more explicit, and he did not avoid the use of… read more
Halmari, Helena and Tuija Virtanen 2005 Towards understanding modern persuasionPersuasion Across Genres: A linguistic approach, Halmari, Helena and Tuija Virtanen (eds.), pp. 229–244 | Chapter
Virtanen, Tuija and Helena Halmari 2005 Persuasion across genres: Emerging perspectivesPersuasion Across Genres: A linguistic approach, Halmari, Helena and Tuija Virtanen (eds.), pp. 3–24 | Chapter
Halmari, Helena 1996 On Accessibility and CoherenceReference and Referent Accessibility, Fretheim, Thorstein and Jeanette K. Gundel (eds.), pp. 155 ff. | Article