Lauren Miller

List of John Benjamins publications for which Lauren Miller plays a role.


Subjects Historical linguistics | Romance linguistics | Sociolinguistics and Dialectology | Theoretical linguistics


Fernández Cuenca, Sara, Tiffany Judy and Lauren Miller 2023 IntroductionInnovative Approaches to Research in Hispanic Linguistics: Regional, diachronic, and learner profile variation, Fernández Cuenca, Sara, Tiffany Judy and Lauren Miller (eds.), pp. 1–12 | Chapter
This study explores cross-linguistic influence among different populations of Spanish-English bilinguals by studying their interpretation, production and acceptance of definite articles in subject position. The three bilingual groups included Heritage Speakers of Spanish living in the United… read more
To determine how attitudes toward the minority language change with age, sixty-five Spanish/English bilingual children completed an attitude questionnaire. Results show that first graders have roughly equal attitudes to Spanish and English, while second, third, and fourth graders increasingly… read more
Cuza, Alejandro, Lauren Miller and Mariluz Ortíz 2016 On the production of differential object marking and wh-question formation in native and non-native SpanishLanguage Acquisition Beyond Parameters: Studies in honour of Juana M. Liceras, Alba de la Fuente, Anahí, Elena Valenzuela and Cristina Martínez Sanz (eds.), pp. 187–209 | Article
The present study explores the elicited production of differential object marking and subject-verb inversion in matrix and embedded wh- questions in Spanish among 16 English-speaking L2 learners and 17 Spanish-speaking immigrants serving as control baseline. Results from an elicited production task… read more
Cuza, Alejandro and Lauren Miller 2015 The protracted acquisition of past tense aspectual values in child heritage SpanishHispanic Linguistics at the Crossroads: Theoretical linguistics, language acquisition and language contact, Klassen, Rachel, Juana M. Liceras and Elena Valenzuela (eds.), pp. 211–230 | Article
This study examines the knowledge of past tense aspectual distinctions in Spanish among 19 Spanish-English bilingual children born and raised in the United States. We compare their results with those of 12 of the children’s parents, who are long-term immigrants of Mexican background. We predicted… read more
Cuza, Alejandro, Rocío Pérez-Tattam, Elizabeth Barajas, Lauren Miller and Claudia Sadowski 2013 Chapter 9. The development of tense and aspect morphology in child and adult heritage speakersInnovative Research and Practices in Second Language Acquisition and Bilingualism, Schwieter, John W. (ed.), pp. 193–220 | Article
This cross-sectional study examines the production of tense and aspect morphology in child and adult heritage Spanish, with the view of informing the development of pedagogical interventions in Spanish language for child and adult heritage Spanish speakers. We compare natural production data from… read more