Mansoor Tavakoli

List of John Benjamins publications for which Mansoor Tavakoli plays a role.


Shorofi, Mahboubeh, Mohammad Saleh Sanatifar and Mansoor Tavakoli 2020 The impact of Group Dynamic Assessment on the development of translation bilingual sub-competence: Implications for translator trainingFORUM 18:2, pp. 197–230 | Article
For training translators in academic settings, the notion of translation bilingual sub-competence is fundamental. However, little research has addressed the practical methods for developing the trainees’ translation bilingual sub-competence. The present study investigated the impact of Group… read more
This study investigated the effectiveness of three types of instruction on learning the speech act of criticizing by 100 Iranian learners of English. For 10 weeks, the consciousness raising group (N = 27), input enhancement group (N = 23), and ZPD (Zone of Proximal Development)-sensitive group… read more
Moradi-Joz, Rasool, Saeed Ketabi and Mansoor Tavakoli 2019 On conductive argumentation: President Trump’s United Nations address on Iran in focusJournal of Language and Politics 18:1, pp. 83–106 | Article
Inspired by Aristotle and modern political theory, Fairclough and Fairclough (2012) introduce a model into Political Discourse Analysis (PDA) on the basis of deliberation and conductive argumentation (reasoning). This study makes an attempt to appraise the efficacy and adequacy of this model… read more
This study examined Persian intermediate and advanced EFL learners’ perceptions regarding (a) their own and their teachers’ responsibility in learning language autonomously; (b) their decision making ability in learning language autonomously; and (c) their autonomous learning activities inside… read more