Nancy Chang

List of John Benjamins publications for which Nancy Chang plays a role.


Morgenstern, Aliyah and Nancy Chang 2021 Chapter 2. Talking about giving: From experience to language in child languageGive Constructions across Languages, Bouveret, Myriam (ed.), pp. 55–72 | Chapter
How do children learn to think and talk about giving? Despite the central role such verbs and their associated dative constructions have played in linguistic and developmental theory, relatively few studies have focused on how the linguistic and conceptual underpinnings for giving events are… read more
Bergen, Benjamin K. and Nancy Chang 2005 Embodied Construction Grammar in simulation-based language understandingConstruction Grammars: Cognitive grounding and theoretical extensions, Östman, Jan-Ola and Mirjam Fried (eds.), pp. 147–190 | Chapter