Archna Bhatia

List of John Benjamins publications for which Archna Bhatia plays a role.


Bhatia, Archna and Silvina Montrul 2020 Chapter 10. Comprehension of Differential Object Marking by Hindi heritage speakersThe Acquisition of Differential Object Marking, Mardale, Alexandru and Silvina Montrul (eds.), pp. 261–281
We investigated the comprehension of Differential Object Marking (DOM) in Hindi heritage speakers who are second generation immigrants in the United States. In Hindi, DOM is marked with the postposition -ko, which is also a marker of dative case with indirect objects. Studies of Hindi heritage… read more | Chapter
Montrul, Silvina, Rakesh M. Bhatt and Archna Bhatia 2012 Linguistic Approaches to Bilingualism 2:2, pp. 141–176
Recent research has identified several vulnerable areas in heritage language grammars, among which morphosyntax is among the most affected. In this study, we report on the morphosyntactic competence of Hindi heritage speakers living in the U.S and show that these speakers have representational… read more | Editorial
Benmamoun, Elabbas, Archna Bhatia and Maria Polinsky 2009 Closest conjunct agreement in head final languagesLinguistic Variation Yearbook 2009, van Craenenbroeck, Jeroen (ed.), pp. 67–88
We discuss the phenomenon of closest conjunct agreement with a special focus on head-final languages; we present data from two such languages, Hindi and Tsez, which allow agreement with the rightmost conjunct when the verb follows the conjoined phrase. This contrasts with head-initial languages,… read more | Article