Lori Buchanan

List of John Benjamins publications for which Lori Buchanan plays a role.



Lutfallah, Susan and Lori Buchanan 2019 Quantifying subjective data using online Q-methodology softwareThe Mental Lexicon 14:3, pp. 415–423 | Article
The Q-Sort methodology has been used to study participants’ subjective views on various topics (Brown, 1996). The task has historically been completed by manually sorting cards into categories that force responses into a normal distribution (Brown, 1996). Data collection using this method is… read more
Lutfallah, Susan, Candice Fast, Chitra Rangan and Lori Buchanan 2018 Semantic neighbourhoods: There’s an app for thatThe Mental Lexicon 13:3, pp. 388–393 | Article
The contributions of semantic processing have come under increasing attention in recent years (Yap, Pexman, Wellsby, Hargreaves, & Huff, 2012), and variables that measure the semantic content of words are a requirement of this increased experimental attention. The density and size of semantic… read more
Khan, Quratulain H. and Lori Buchanan 2014 Word frequency of written UrduSemantic Considerations of Lexical Processing, pp. 131–140 | Article
Performance on word processing tasks is known to be influenced by the frequency with which words occur in a language. Large and robust effects of word frequency occur across languages and the processes thought to be sensitive to word frequency are considered fundamentally important characteristics… read more