Martin L. Albert

List of John Benjamins publications for which Martin L. Albert plays a role.


Goral, Mira, Avron Spiro III, Martin L. Albert, Loraine K. Obler and Lisa Tabor Connor 2007 Change in lexical retrieval skills in adulthoodThe Mental Lexicon 2:2, pp. 215–238 | Article
We conducted multivariate random-effect analyses on longitudinal data from 238 adults, ranging in age from 30 to 94, who were tested on five lexical tests over a period of 20 years to examine (a) the relations between lemma and lexeme retrieval as manifested in different tests of lexical retrieval… read more
Obler, Loraine K. and Martin L. Albert 1989 Language Decline in AgingDimensions of Language Attrition, Bot, Kees de, Michael Clyne and T.J.M. van Els (eds.), pp. 63–73 | Article