Anna Cichosz

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Element Order in Old English and Old High German Translations

Anna Cichosz, Jerzy Gaszewski and Piotr Pęzik

[NOWELE Supplement Series, 28] 2016. xvii, 424 pp.
Subjects Corpus linguistics | Germanic linguistics | Historical linguistics | Syntax | Translation Studies


Although there has been a plethora of research on formulaic language in contemporary English, conducted with various purposes in mind (descriptive, applied and otherwise), studies of formulaic phrasings in Old English texts are rare. In this paper, we employ selected corpus linguistic methods to… read more
This study is a corpus-based constructionist analysis of Old English (OE) constituent order, focusing on verb-initial declaratives and þa-VS main clauses. The main objective of the investigation is to determine the degree of the formal and functional similarity of both patterns in order to… read more
Cichosz, Anna 2021 Verb-final conjunct clauses in Old English prose: The role of Latin in translated textsHistorical Germanic morphosyntax, Laker, Stephen and John Ole Askedal (eds.), pp. 172–198 | Article
The aim of this study is to analyse intertextual differences in the use of V-final order in Old English conjunct clauses and to determine to what extent the source of these differences may be Latin influence. The analysis reveals that the frequency of V-final order in OE conjuncts is rather… read more
This study is a corpus-based investigation of the development of English clause-initial quotative inversion, i.e. the construction in which a reporting clause with SV inversion is placed before the quoted message. The analysis makes use of various corpora of historical and contemporary English… read more