Stephen J. Flusberg

List of John Benjamins publications for which Stephen J. Flusberg plays a role.


Thibodeau, Paul H. and Stephen J. Flusberg 2022 Metaphor and elaboration in contextDynamism in Metaphor and Beyond, Colston, Herbert L., Teenie Matlock and Gerard J. Steen (eds.), pp. 223–240 | Chapter
In this chapter, we situate recent studies of metaphor comprehension and metaphor framing under broader theories of discourse processing, drawing out the connections between classic work on narratives, schemas, and elaboration and contemporary research on metaphor. Our analysis emphasizes that… read more
Metaphor plays a critical role in how people communicate and conceptualize complex activities like teaching. For example, a professor might be described as molding impressionable students (teacher as a sculptor), or helping students grow (teacher as a gardener). Prior research has largely… read more
Martin Hard, Bridgette, Nathan Liang, Michelle Wong and Stephen J. Flusberg 2021 Metaphors we teach by: Uncovering the structure of metaphorical lay theories of teachingMetaphor and the Social World 11:1, pp. 46–70 | Article
Teaching is a complex activity that people often discuss metaphorically, as when a professor is described as a sculptor molding impressionable students. What do such metaphors reveal about how people conceptualize teaching? Previous work has addressed related questions largely via researcher… read more
Thibodeau, Paul H., Anna Winneg, Cynthia Frantz and Stephen J. Flusberg 2016 The mind is an ecosystem: Systemic metaphors promote systems thinkingMetaphor and the Social World 6:2, pp. 225–242 | Article
Is income inequality more of a blemish or a failing organ in our economy? Both metaphors capture something about wealth disparities, but only failing organ seems to emphasize the fact that our economy is a complex system, where activity in one region may lead to a cascade of problems in other parts… read more