Martina Gracanin-Yuksek

List of John Benjamins publications for which Martina Gracanin-Yuksek plays a role.


Lago, Sol, Martina Gracanin-Yuksek, Duygu Fatma Şafak, Orhan Demir, Bilal Kırkıcı and Claudia Felser 2019  Straight from the horse’s mouth : Agreement attraction effects with Turkish possessorsLinguistic Approaches to Bilingualism 9:3, pp. 398–426 | Article
We investigated the comprehension of subject-verb agreement in Turkish-German bilinguals using two tasks. The first task elicited speeded judgments to verb number violations in sentences that contained plural genitive modifiers. We addressed whether these modifiers elicited attraction errors,… read more
Gracanin-Yuksek, Martina and Bilal Kırkıcı 2016 Syntax/semantics/pragmatics of yes/no question in second language TurkishSecond Language Acquisition of Turkish, Gürel, Ayşe (ed.), pp. 165–191 | Article
This paper examines the second language (L2) acquisition of the syntax, semantics, and pragmatics of Turkish yes/no (yn) questions across learners of different proficiency. Employing three tasks, we tested the participants’ knowledge of the syntax of yn questions, the semantic interpretations they… read more
Gracanin-Yuksek, Martina 2006 V-N Compounds In Italian: A Case Of Agreement in Word FormationNew Perspectives on Romance Linguistics: Vol. I: Morphology, Syntax, Semantics, and Pragmatics, Nishida, Chiyo and Jean-Pierre Y. Montreuil (eds.), pp. 113 ff. | Article
In this paper I discuss patterns of word-internal agreement. I examine Italian V-N compounds of the type grattacielo (scrape sky = “skyscraper”), suggesting that their morphological behavior can be accounted for if we assume that processes of agreement similar to those at the level of… read more