Ana Bocanegra-Valle

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Ethnographies of Academic Writing Research: Theory, methods, and interpretation

Edited by Ignacio Guillén-Galve and Ana Bocanegra-Valle

Subjects Applied linguistics | Writing and literacy


Bocanegra-Valle, Ana and Ignacio Guillén-Galve 2021 Chapter 1. Methodological reflections on and participatory episodes of ethnographic academic writing researchEthnographies of Academic Writing Research: Theory, methods, and interpretation, Guillén-Galve, Ignacio and Ana Bocanegra-Valle (eds.), pp. 1–20 | Chapter
This chapter presents the current state of ethnographic research as applied to academic writing. First, we articulate the significance of ethnography as a methodological approach for the study of writing in academic settings. Next, we provide a critical exploration of the current state of… read more
Bocanegra-Valle, Ana 2008 10. Learning to learn in ESP: Fostering lifelong learning in European higher education under Bologna requirementsESP in European Higher Education: Integrating language and content, Fortanet-Gómez, Inmaculada and Christine A. Räisänen (eds.), pp. 213–232 | Article
This paper is prompted by the notions of awareness, lifelong learning, and autonomous learning as familiar key-words for the planning, implementation and assessment of languages with reference to a common European language policy. It puts forward a global approach to the development of… read more