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Subjects Discourse studies | Pragmatics | Sino-Tibetan languages | Sociolinguistics and Dialectology
Subjects Discourse studies | Pragmatics | Sino-Tibetan languages | Sociolinguistics and Dialectology

Current Trends in Chinese Discourse

Edited by Wei Wang and Linda Tsung

Special issue of Chinese Language and Discourse 5:1 (2014) v, 97 pp.
Subjects Discourse studies | Pragmatics | Sino-Tibetan languages | Sociolinguistics and Dialectology


Jin, Lixin, Wei Wang, Kun Xie, Xiaohua Wang and Xiaodong Tang 2021 Perfective aspect and perfect aspect: The case of Russian and Mandarin ChineseInternational Journal of Chinese Linguistics 8:2, pp. 177–203 | Article
The “perfective” (Chinese term: wánzhěngtǐ) and the “perfect”(Chinese term: wánchéngtǐ) seem to be two different terms that are distinguished by definition. But in the description of actual languages, the boundary between them is not clear. The use of these two terms in many literatures is very… read more
Wang, Wei 2021 The question-response system in Mandarin conversationPragmatics 31:4, pp. 589–616 | Article
This article provides an overview of the question-response system in Mandarin Chinese from a conversation analytic perspective. Based on 403 question-response sequences from natural conversations, this study discusses the grammatical coding of Mandarin questions, social actions accomplished by… read more
This paper investigates the Linguistic Landscape of Chinese restaurants in Hurstville, a Chinese-concentrated suburb in Sydney, Australia. It draws on Blommaert and Maly’s (2016) Ethnographic Linguistic Landscape Analysis (ELLA) and Scollon and Scollon’s geosemiotics (2003). Our data set… read more
Wang, Wei and Hongyin Tao 2020 Chapter 6. From matrix clause to turn expansion: The emergence of wo juede ‘I feel/think’ in Mandarin conversational interactionEmergent Syntax for Conversation: Clausal patterns and the organization of action, Maschler, Yael, Simona Pekarek Doehler, Jan Lindström and Leelo Keevallik (eds.), pp. 151–182 | Chapter
One way complex clauses manifest themselves is through a combination of a matrix clause and a complement clause. However, matrix clauses as represented by constructions such as I think have been widely reported to undergo grammaticization, whereby they become a marker indicating the speaker’s… read more
Wang, Wei, Lisong Jiang and Meishu He 2019 Chapter 12. Being a Kam in China: Ethnic identity in narrativesCurrent Studies in Chinese Language and Discourse: Global context and diverse perspectives, Xiao, Yun and Linda Tsung (eds.), pp. 246–263 | Chapter
In light of the growing interest in investigating the ethnic minority Kam people in China, this paper offers a sociolinguistic analysis to explore how Kam people’s identity is represented and negotiated in spoken narratives with outside researchers. Drawing on sociolinguistic approaches to identity… read more
This paper examines two emerging discourse uses, topic-shifting and trail-off, of a temporal conjunction ranhou in spontaneous Mandarin conversation. Unlike traditional approaches that focus exclusively on such textual functions as temporality and consequentiality of ranhou, the present study… read more
This paper attempts to integrate linguistic research with language teaching, taking ranhou as a case study. It first explores the discourse functions of ranhou. Three functions have thus been identified, i.e. TCU extension, turn continuation and new topic initiation. Then, it examines the prosodic… read more
This study examines how identities of migrant workers (i.e. nongmingong) have been constructed and represented on a TV talk show program in China, called “China’s Nongmingong”, launched by Guizhou Satellite TV (GZSTV) in China in 2007. Drawing on narrative theories concerning interactions between… read more
Wang, Wei and Linda Tsung 2015 Contemporary Chinese Discourse from Sociolinguistic PerspectivesContemporary Chinese Discourse and Social Practice in China, Tsung, Linda and Wei Wang (eds.), pp. 1–8 | Article
Tsung, Linda and Wei Wang 2014 Analysing Chinese discourse in the new eraCurrent Trends in Chinese Discourse, Wang, Wei and Linda Tsung (eds.), pp. 1–6 | Article
Wang, Wei 2008 Newspaper commentaries on terrorism in China and Australia: A contrastive genre studyContrastive Rhetoric: Reaching to intercultural rhetoric, Connor, Ulla, Ed Nagelhout and William Rozycki (eds.), pp. 169–191 | Article
Newspaper articles are a common genre that has been examined in contrastive rhetoric research to explore its rhetorical and linguistic patterns. However, this chapter aims to go beyond this and to explore how the writers position themselves, manipulate the topic and address their readers by the use… read more
This study examines similarities and differences between English and Chinese letters to the editor on newspapers from the perspectives of contrastive rhetoric and genre theory. Generic structures, rhetorical structures, and logico-semantic relations of 20 letters to the editor (10 in Chinese and… read more