Xavier Bach

List of John Benjamins publications for which Xavier Bach plays a role.


Bach, Xavier, Anetta Kopecka and Benjamin Fagard 2019 Complex color denomination in French and OccitanLexicalization patterns in color naming: A cross-linguistic perspective, Raffaelli, Ida, Daniela Katunar and Barbara Kerovec (eds.), pp. 213–236 | Chapter
In this chapter, we investigate color naming in French and Occitan. It is well known that French, compared to other Romance languages, has a tendency to be very analytic. This raises the following question: do speakers of French and other Romance languages (here, Occitan) differ in morphological… read more
This study examines the morphological behaviour of the infinitive in French and Occitan in diachrony, finding that the infinitive and the rest of the verb paradigm exhibit differential behaviour. The infinitive is the last member of the paradigm to undergo analogical change, or undergoes an… read more