Najlla Al-Hajri

List of John Benjamins publications for which Najlla Al-Hajri plays a role.


Kulikov, Vladimir, Najlla Al-Hajri and Buthaina Al-Kuwari 2023 Generational changes in VOT in Qatari ArabicPerspectives on Arabic Linguistics XXXIV: Papers from the Annual Symposium on Arabic Linguistics, Tucson, Arizona, 2020, Azaz, Mahmoud (ed.), pp. 33–56 | Chapter
The current study investigates variation in production of VOT in voiceless stops in Qatari Arabic. In line with Labov’s Cascade model, longer VOT in this dialect might be viewed as a new variable developing in the metropolitan area of Doha, Qatar. The results of the acoustic study of VOT in… read more