Chiara Bucaria

List of John Benjamins publications for which Chiara Bucaria plays a role.


Between Text and Image: Updating research in screen translation

Edited by Delia Chiaro, Christine Heiss and Chiara Bucaria

[Benjamins Translation Library, 78] 2008. x, 292 pp.
Subjects Translation Studies


Bucaria, Chiara 2023 The audience strikes back: Agency and accountability in audiovisual translation and distributionAudiovisual translation in the age of streaming, Choi, Jinsil, Kyung Hye Kim and Jonathan Evans (eds.), pp. 331–353 | Article
Newer distribution models and delivery mechanisms for audiovisual content have, over the years, contributed to the emergence of different dynamics between the consumers (or end-users) of these audiovisual texts and their providers on a global scale. Fans and casual viewers alike have now become… read more
Bucaria, Chiara 2008 Acceptance of the norm or suspension of disbelief? The case of formulaic language in dubbeseBetween Text and Image: Updating research in screen translation, Chiaro, Delia, Christine Heiss and Chiara Bucaria (eds.), pp. 149–163 | Article
This paper presents the results of an experimental study aimed at investigating audience perception of a specific aspect of dubbing in Italy, namely the influence of source language structures and expressions on target language audiovisual texts. Viewers were first shown selected examples of… read more