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Subjects English linguistics | Sociolinguistics and Dialectology


Schneider, Edgar W. and Anne Schröder 2021 Chapter 12. The dynamics of English in Namibia: A World Englishes perspectiveThe Dynamics of English in Namibia: Perspectives on an emerging variety, Schröder, Anne (ed.), pp. 275–298 | Chapter
This paper positions the volume’s findings on English in Namibia in the wider context of World Englishes. After briefly summarizing generally important insights of the book’s contributions, Namibian English is compared to other global varieties with respect to its sociohistorical embedding (being… read more
This chapter looks at linguistic diversity as represented in two Namibian novels, discussing aspects of authenticity, identity formation, style-shifting, and meta-language, but also the representation of multilingualism in literary texts. By combining linguistic analysis with literary study, the… read more
Variational pragmatics has only recently been combined with non-native World Englishes research, by examining the pragmatics of Namibian English (NamE). However, this research has concentrated on the comparison of pragmatic phenomena in NamE to those in some L1-varieties, exclusively based on the… read more
Schröder, Anne, Frederic Zähres and Alexander Kautzsch 2021 Chapter 6. The phonetics of Namibian English: Investigating vowels as local features in a global contextThe Dynamics of English in Namibia: Perspectives on an emerging variety, Schröder, Anne (ed.), pp. 111–134 | Chapter
Namibian English (NamE) is frequently referred to as an offspring of (White) South African English (SAfrE), although more recently researchers have tried to describe it as a variety in its own right. In particular, Kautzsch and Schröder (2016) describe several phonetic features seemingly specific… read more
Schröder, Anne, Frederic Zähres and Alexander Kautzsch 2020 Ethnic variation in the phonology of Namibian English: A first approach to Baster English*English World-Wide 41:2, pp. 193–224 | Article
Studies on the pronunciation of Namibian English (NamE) have shown strong evidence for ethnically conditioned variation within the NamE vowel system. Thus, NamE should not be seen as a monolithic entity but rather as a group of ethnically and/or socially conditioned varieties. In this paper, we… read more
Schröder, Anne and Klaus P. Schneider 2018 Variational pragmatics, responses to thanks, and the specificity of English in NamibiaEnglish World-Wide 39:3, pp. 338–363 | Article
In the framework of variational pragmatics, the focus so far has been on L1-varieties of English, and the present paper introduces this area of research into the wider field of World Englishes. It presents first results from a larger questionnaire study on a number of pragmatic variables in… read more
Busse, Ulrich and Anne Schröder 2009 Fowler’s Modern English Usage at the interface of lexis and grammarExploring the Lexis–Grammar Interface, Römer-Barron, Ute and Rainer Schulze (eds.), pp. 69–87 | Article
The relationship between lexicon and syntax poses a problem to theoretical linguistics but also to the normal language user as the theoretical division is reflected in a division of labour between dictionaries on the one hand and grammars on the other; and it seems as if only usage guides deal with… read more
Schröder, Anne 2003 Review of Wolf (2001): English in CameroonEnglish World-Wide 24:1, pp. 113–118 | Review