Steven L. Thorne

List of John Benjamins publications for which Steven L. Thorne plays a role.


Thorne, Steven L. and Dejan Ivković 2015 Multilingual Eurovision meets plurilingual YouTube: Linguascaping discursive ontologiesDialogue in Multilingual and Multimodal Communities, Koike, Dale and Carl S. Blyth (eds.), pp. 167–192 | Article
This research examines ‘virtual linguistic landscapes’ (Ivković and Lotherington 2009) visible in user-generated comment fields associated with video clips of the Eurovision Song Contest. We begin by discussing contemporary sociolinguistic approaches and terminology (e.g. multi-,… read more
Bot, Kees de, Wander Lowie, Steven L. Thorne and Marjolijn H. Verspoor 2013 Chapter 10. Dynamic Systems Theory as a comprehensive theory of second language developmentContemporary Approaches to Second Language Acquisition, García Mayo, María del Pilar, María Juncal Gutiérrez Mangado and María Martínez-Adrián (eds.), pp. 199–220 | Chapter
In this contribution it is argued that Dynamic Systems Theory (DST) can be seen as a comprehensive theory that can unify and make relevant a number of different ‘middle level’ theories on Second Language Acquisition (SLA) which in our view are theories that attend to different levels of granularity… read more
Thorne, Steven L. 2008 Transcultural communication in open internet environments and massively multiplayer online gamesMediating Discourse Online, Magnan Pierce, Sally (ed.), pp. 305–327 | Article