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Linguistic Superdiversity in Urban Areas: Research approaches

Edited by Joana Duarte and Ingrid Gogolin

Subjects Contact Linguistics | Language acquisition | Multilingualism | Sociolinguistics and Dialectology


The rise of English in Dutch higher education has been accompanied by a language ideological debate that affects students’ and lecturers’ lives at the micro level, policy and planning at the meso (institutional) level and is related to the macro perspective (national political agenda). This… read more
Competence in the academic register of the language of instruction is a fairly solid indicator for the educational success of migrant pupils. The present article addresses the role of family languages for academic language performance in German, aiming at pinpointing linguistic features of this… read more
Duarte, Joana and Ingrid Gogolin 2013 Introduction: Linguistic superdiversity in educational institutionsLinguistic Superdiversity in Urban Areas: Research approaches, Duarte, Joana and Ingrid Gogolin (eds.), pp. 1–24 | Article
The relatively recent phenomenon of rapidly increasing migration flows in multiple forms and channels has been termed superdiversity (Vertovec 2007). The resulting new social constellations see an increase in the amount and types of language proficiencies, particularly in large urban areas.… read more
Moenandar, Sjoerd-Jeroen, Floor Basten, Giti Taran, Ariadni Panagoulia, Gemma Coughlan and Joana Duarte The structured narrative interviewNarrative Inquiry: Online-First Articles | Article
In this study, Greimas’s work on narrative structure is used to improve a specific practice: the research interview. In the social sciences, narrative interviewing often consists of collecting data from which a narrative is then constructed through analysis afterwards. In the interview method… read more