Maria Andreou

List of John Benjamins publications for which Maria Andreou plays a role.


Andreou, Maria, Jacopo Torregrossa and Christiane Bongartz 2023 The use of null subjects by Greek-Italian bilingual children: Identifying cross-linguistic effectsIndividual Differences in Anaphora Resolution: Language and cognitive effects, Fotiadou, Georgia and Ianthi Maria Tsimpli (eds.), pp. 166–191
It has been shown that Greek and Italian vary in the use of null subjects (Torregrossa, Bongartz & Tsimpli 2015; Torregrossa, Andreou & Bongartz 2020): while Italian null subjects tend to refer to the subject of the preceding clause, Greek null subjects show a less restricted distribution. The aim… read more | Chapter
Andreou, Maria, Ifigenia Dosi, Despina Papadopoulou and Ianthi Maria Tsimpli 2020 Heritage and non-heritage bilinguals: The role of biliteracy and bilingual educationLost in Transmission: The role of attrition and input in heritage language development, Brehmer, Bernhard and Jeanine Treffers-Daller (eds.), pp. 171–196
The present study explores the effects of literacy support in the languages of the bilingual child on the linguistic and cognitive skills of (non-)heritage speakers. 70 children speaking Albanian (L1) and Greek (L2) are divided into three groups according to whether they receive literacy support in… read more | Chapter
Narrative comprehension is a complex process that requires the ability to integrate language information from the speech signal with visual and contextual knowledge, while drawing also from social cognition and executive functions. Although many studies have examined narrative comprehension in… read more | Chapter
Our study investigates the use of articles and object clitics in the L2-Greek of child speakers of Russian with and without Specific Language Impairment. Effects of language impairment were examined in the narratives of children whose languages differ in the expression of definiteness: Russian… read more | Chapter
Tsimpli, Ianthi Maria, Eleni Peristeri and Maria Andreou 2017 Object Clitic production in monolingual and bilingual children with Specific Language Impairment: A comparison between elicited production and narrativesLanguage Impairment in Bilingual Children: State of the art 2017, Marinis, Theodoros, Sharon Armon-Lotem and George Pontikas (eds.), pp. 394–430
Pronominal clitics are sensitive to both morphosyntax and discourse. Problems in clitic use could therefore stem from morphosyntactic or discourse management problems in children with SLI. Previous studies focused on 3rd person clitic use identifying morphosyntactic problems. We compare 1st with… read more | Article
Andreou, Maria, Eva Knopp, Christiane Bongartz and Ianthi Maria Tsimpli 2015 Character reference in Greek-German bilingual children’s narrativesEUROSLA Yearbook: Volume 15 (2015), Roberts, Leah, Kevin McManus, Norbert Vanek and Danijela Trenkic (eds.), pp. 1–40
This study investigates reference management of two groups of 8–12 year old Greek–German bilinguals, resident in Greece (Bilinguals_GR N = 38) and in Germany (Bilinguals_GE N = 39). We analyze the bilinguals’ retellings in each language and compare them with data from two monolingual control groups… read more | Article