Anabela Gonçalves

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Complement Clauses in Portuguese: Syntax and acquisition

Edited by Ana Lúcia Santos and Anabela Gonçalves

Subjects Language acquisition | Romance linguistics | Syntax | Theoretical linguistics


Gonçalves, Anabela and Ana Lúcia Santos 2018 Complement clauses in Portuguese: Some facts and open questionsComplement Clauses in Portuguese: Syntax and acquisition, Santos, Ana Lúcia and Anabela Gonçalves (eds.), pp. 1–26 | Chapter
Gonçalves, Anabela, Ana Lúcia Santos, Inês Duarte and Víctor Justino 2018 The acquisition of infinitival complements to causative verbs in Mozambican PortugueseComplement Clauses in Portuguese: Syntax and acquisition, Santos, Ana Lúcia and Anabela Gonçalves (eds.), pp. 295–320 | Chapter
This chapter aims at analyzing the acquisition of complements to causative verbs in Mozambican Portuguese (MozP) as L1 by pre-school children. By presenting the results of a completion task (Santos, Gonçalves, & Hyams, 2016), we show that Mozambican children, like Portuguese ones, take… read more
Marques, Rui, Purificação Silvano, Anabela Gonçalves and Ana Lúcia Santos 2015 Sequence of tenses in complementation structures: Lexical restrictions and effects on language acquisitionHispanic Linguistics at the Crossroads: Theoretical linguistics, language acquisition and language contact, Klassen, Rachel, Juana M. Liceras and Elena Valenzuela (eds.), pp. 69–88 | Article
In this paper we discuss the combinations of tenses in main and complement clauses of European Portuguese, focusing on the issue that restrictions on the tenses allowed in complement clauses are observed with some predicates but not with others. We show that these lexical restrictions are… read more
Gonçalves, Anabela, Ana Lúcia Santos and Inês Duarte 2014 (Pseudo-)Inflected infinitives and Control as AgreeRomance Languages and Linguistic Theory 2012: Selected papers from 'Going Romance' Leuven 2012, Lahousse, Karen and Stefania Marzo (eds.), pp. 161–180 | Article
This paper discusses the distribution of inflected infinitives in standard and non-standard European Portuguese. In the standard variety, inflected infinitives are generally available in non-obligatory control contexts, but can only occur in obligatory control contexts when the temporal orientation… read more
Gonçalves, Anabela and Gabriela Matos 2009 Ellipsis and Restructuring in European PortugueseRomance Languages and Linguistic Theory: Selected papers from ‘Going Romance’ Amsterdam 2007, Aboh, Enoch O., Elisabeth van der Linden, Josep Quer and Petra Sleeman (eds.), pp. 109–130 | Article
In this paper we propose that, in European Portuguese, the complementary distribution between Null Complement Anaphora (NCA) and Restructuring (also noted by Brucart 1999 and Depiante 2001, for Spanish and Italian) results from the selectional properties of the verbs that accept these… read more