Imanol Suárez-Palma

List of John Benjamins publications for which Imanol Suárez-Palma plays a role.


Suárez-Palma, Imanol 2022 Chapter 7. Middle formation and inalienability in AsturianSound, Syntax and Contact in the Languages of Asturias, Lorenzo, Guillermo (ed.), pp. 131–150 | Chapter
Asturian middle-passive contexts containing activity verbs, such as lleer (to read), as well as a relational or body-part noun as their grammatical subject allow for the insertion of a non-selected dative argument interpreted as the inalienable possessor of such noun. Two configurations can… read more
Villa-García, Julio and Imanol Suárez-Palma 2016 Early null and overt subjects in the Spanish of simultaneous English-Spanish bilinguals and Crosslinguistic InfluenceThe Acquisition and Processing of Spanish and Portuguese Morphosyntax: Theoretical and experimental issues, Klassen, Rachel, Anahí Alba de la Fuente, Joanne Markle LaMontagne and Almudena Basanta y Romero-Valdespino (eds.), pp. 350–395 | Article
This study assesses the scope of the Crosslinguistic Influence (CLI) hypothesis’ predictions with regard to early bilingual acquisition. To this end, we analyze longitudinal corpus data from four bilinguals attesting the acquisition of subjecthood (null versus overt; preverbal versus postverbal)… read more