Israela Becker

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Cross-linguistically, very few complete sentences, as opposed to a myriad of phrases, lexicalize to become words. I here offer an account for this skewed distribution, along the lines of Construction Grammar, by analyzing a set of mono-clausal sentences in Hebrew which have indeed become – or… read more
Giora, Rachel, Inbal Jaffe, Israela Becker and Ofer Fein 2018 Strongly attenuating highly positive concepts: The case of default sarcastic interpretationsIssues in Humour Cognition, Dynel, Marta (ed.), pp. 19–47 | Article
What are the constraints rendering stimuli, such as Alert he is not; He is not the most organized person around; Hospitality is not his best attribute; Do you really believe you are sophisticated? sarcastic by default? Recent findings (Filik, Howman, Ralph-Nearman, & Giora, in press; Giora et al. read more