Steffen Heidinger

List of John Benjamins publications for which Steffen Heidinger plays a role.


Heidinger, Steffen 2018 Chapter 4. Acceptability and frequency in Spanish focus markingFocus Realization in Romance and Beyond, García García, Marco and Melanie Uth (eds.), pp. 99–128 | Chapter
In this paper, we analyze the status and relevance of three syntactic positions for focus marking in Spanish: sentence-initial, sentence-internal, and sentence-final position (as we will only consider constituents with an unmarked linear position that is postverbal and non-final, initial position… read more
Heidinger, Steffen 2014 Chapter 5. Fronting and contrastively focused secondary predicates in SpanishLeft Sentence Peripheries in Spanish: Diachronic, Variationist and Comparative Perspectives, Dufter, Andreas and Álvaro S. Octavio de Toledo y Huerta (eds.), pp. 125–154 | Chapter
This paper is about the syntactic position of contrastively focused secondary predicates in Spanish. In the literature, fronting is presented as a possible means to encode contrastive focus in Spanish. Based on data from a production experiment I will show however that fronting is a dispreferred… read more