Theo Hermans

List of John Benjamins publications for which Theo Hermans plays a role.


Hermans, Theo 2007 Translation, irritation and resonanceConstructing a Sociology of Translation, Wolf, Michaela and Alexandra Fukari (eds.), pp. 57–75 | Article
I seek to work from a textual approach to a view of translation as a social system. I start by positing a strong notion of equivalence and show that translations cannot be equivalent to their originals unless they are recognized as authenticated versions, at which point they have ceased to be… read more
Hermans, Theo 2004 O’Sullivan, Emer. 2000. Kinderliterarische KomparatistikTarget 16:2, pp. 383–385 | Review
Hermans, Theo 2002 Translation’s representationsTeaching Translation and Interpreting 4: Building bridges, Hung, Eva (ed.), pp. 3–18 | Article
Hermans, Theo 1999 Hugo Claus: The SwordfishBabel 45:1, pp. 79–81 | Miscellaneous
Hermans, Theo 1997 Translation as institutionTranslation as Intercultural Communication: Selected papers from the EST Congress, Prague 1995, Snell-Hornby, Mary, Zuzana Jettmarová and Klaus Kaindl (eds.), pp. 3 ff. | Article
Hermans, Theo 1996 The Translator's Voice in Translated NarrativeTarget 8:1, pp. 23–48 | Article
When we read translated narrative, the original Narrator's voice is not the only which comes to us. The Translator's discursive presence in the translated text becomes discernible in certain cases, e.g. when the pragmatic displacement resulting from translation requires paratextual intervention for… read more
Woodsworth, Judith 1995 3. Translators and the emergence of national literaturesTranslators through History, Delisle, Jean and Judith Woodsworth, pp. 67 ff. | Chapter