Paola Bentivoglio

List of John Benjamins publications for which Paola Bentivoglio plays a role.


Ashby, William J. and Paola Bentivoglio 2023 Preferred Argument Structure in spoken French and SpanishOn Spoken French: An Ashby Reader, Ashby, William J., pp. 371–388 | Chapter
This article uses the quantitative methodology of GoldVarb to examine the variable distribution of lexical noun phrases representing core arguments of the verb in a corpus of spoken French and a corpus of spoken Spanish. It is shown that this distribution is not random, but instead conforms to a… read more
Ashby, William J. and Paola Bentivoglio 2003 Preferred Argument Structure across time and space: A comparative diachronic analysis of French and SpanishPreferred Argument Structure: Grammar as architecture for function, Du Bois, John W., Lorraine E. Kumpf and William J. Ashby (eds.), pp. 61–80 | Article
Bentivoglio, Paola 2003 8. Spanish forms of address in the sixteenth centuryDiachronic Perspectives on Address Term Systems, Taavitsainen, Irma and Andreas H. Jucker (eds.), pp. 177–191 | Article