Victoria Rau

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Yami relative clauses (RCs) can either precede the head noun, for example, kanakan ‘child,’ as in ko ni-ma-cita o [ji yákneng] a kanakan ‘I saw the child who cannot hold still’, functioning as restrictive RCs ([RC] + a + Head NP), or follow it as in ko ni-ma-cita o kanakan a [ji yákneng] ‘I saw… read more
Rau, Victoria 2015 A Yami language teacher’s journey in TaiwanEducation in Languages of Lesser Power: Asia-Pacific Perspectives, Volker, Craig Alan and Fred E. Anderson (eds.), pp. 33–48 | Article
Yami is spoken by 3000 speakers on Orchid Island, off the coast of Taiwan. Only one of the six villages on the island has children who still speak Yami. The rest have gradually shifted to Chinese, the medium of education. Even though the Taiwan government supports indigenous language revitalization… read more
Rau, Victoria, Hui-Huan Ann Chang and Maa-Neu Dong 2009 11. A tale of two diphthongs in an indigenous minority language: Yami of TaiwanVariation in Indigenous Minority Languages, Stanford, James N. and Dennis R. Preston (eds.), pp. 259–279 | Article
This study investigates the phonological variation and sound change in the Yami diphthongs (ay) and (aw) (e.g., mangay ~ mangey ‘go’, araw ~ arow ‘day, sun’), a Philippine language spoken on Orchid Island, 60 kilometers southeast of Taiwan. Previous studies (Rau & Chang 2006; Rau & Dong 2006) found… read more